Sometimes finding the ideal house can become a difficult task; maybe the location is ideal, but the house needs renovation/re-decorating – and whilst your permanent residence is abroad, that could be impossible to manage. Or, there isn’t a house that fulfill your requirements but there is plot where you could build that house of your dreams… if only you could be here to attend on the many occasions you might be needed on site…

Optima Estate can easily solve either problem! The company has a wealth of experience at project managing the complete construction of houses, been involved in countless renovations and overseen the interior design of many properties. In gaining this experience, the company has worked with many building companies, architects, interior designers, suppliers and professionals of all fields , and we are confident that we have got to know the best of the best for each task.

Optima Estate has a sister company (Optima Villas) which markets villas for tourist purposes, so our experience in turning around villas for touristic purposes (or even just for your family enjoyment) is considerable.

Unfortunately we did not accumulate too many photos of every past project (although they can be visited any time) – but here is an example of a few previous projects:

 1- Apartamento Lolita in Puerto del Carmen.
A one bedroom apartment in an amazing location. When bought by the clients the apartment had been recently abandoned, even by the squatters. Optima Estate liased with a local building company who presented to the new owners a quote for replacing just about everything within the apartment (plumbing, electricity, tiles, bathrooms) and a kitchen company completed the full renovation. The interior decoration was a collaboration between our Director (who is a keen designer) and a local Interior Designer.


 2- New construction in Macher